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Barry's Best


Barry may look like any other kid. But if you look into his actions, you will find his super power. He always gives his best regardless of any situation he faces. Join him as he embarks on a journey of things that fall in and out of his control.

8 reviews for Barry’s Best

  1. Morgan Fleming

    “Barry’s Best” is such a fun children’s book with a great message. The story is very relatable for kids and teaches them to how to preserve and overcome everyday challenges. Additionally, the book would be great for teachers to use when teaching context clues and working on higher vocabulary. The book bolds difficult words and provides definitions in the back. This book would make the perfect addition to any 2-8th grade classroom and would be a wonderful bedtime read. I highly recommend it!

  2. Ashley Mask

    I had the pleasure of hearing Barry’s Best straight from the author- Alex Grady during our class read aloud! The story is an amazing take on the challenges children face and the pressure that they are exposed to in doing their “Barry Best.” Barry learns about the struggles of adversity and comes to a breaking point. However, at this breaking point his mom is there to pick him up and teach him a valuable lesson. Definitely recommend to people of all ages! Overall a phenomenal story that all readers can learn from!

  3. Ryan Mask

    Awesome book! Very relatable, it was easy to put myself in Barry’s shoes. Definitely recommend. 🙂

  4. Traci

    I was very excited to receive my copy of Barry’s Best! It is an amazing children’s story with such an awesome message to children. I think at one point in time we have all felt like Barry! I was happily surprised by the length of the book! The illustrations are so cute! I will definitely be sharing this book with many people. Here is wishing you continued success!

  5. Cine Stewart

    Loved reading how to persevere; Berry’s Best is an awesome read to promote kids to continue to do your BERRY BEST!👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Barbara Sanders

    Barry’s Best is a must read for children of all ages! The message is both relatable and inspiring. The book highlights the importance of doing your Barry Best in all that you do. Despite the many obstacles children will face, the right attitude can help them become overcomers. In the book, Barry’s mom is the cornerstone of his belief in himself and his ability to succeed. I purchased a book for each of my grandsons and plan to purchase more to give as presents to other family members. Barry’s Best … job well done

  7. Lisa Hays

    Barry’s Best was such an exciting book to read! I thoroughly enjoyed how relatable the book was. The underlying message of giving it your very best is something everyone can connect with. It portrays a very strong image about how having the right attitude can make all the difference in the world. This book is very well written and it is something that should be in every child’s book collection. 10/10 recommend this book to all children!

  8. Bryce Yen

    I loved Barry’s best! I got this book for my friends toddler and she cant put it down. Barry is such a great character and exemplifies a great leader for her.

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