Personal Branding

You sit in front of the computer screen staring down your cover letter trying to figure out what will make it pop. Screen fatigue alters your judgment and you start to second-guess yourself and what you bring to the table. You need a second opinion, someone who can help you drive your points in a more concise way.



Cover Letters

College Applications

Scholarship Applications

Alex has gained competencies in building the ideal resume and cover letter for your dream job. He has learned the ins and outs to best position yourself against competition. His attention to detail and ability to wordsmith will breath life into your past experiences and lift up your strengths for everyone to see. Whether you are trying to pivot into a new role, justify a promotion during a performance review, or obtain your first internship, Alex can help you put your best foot forward.

Alex has read and critiqued over 400 essays as they related to college and scholarship applications helping several students lock down much needed funding and entry into top-choice schools. His assistance has helped students earn scholarships totaling over $1 million dollars for post-secondary education. His knowledge is backed from his own successes in college and scholarship applications. He has had a handful of speaking engagements to shed light on how students should best position themselves throughout the application process. 

Expressing yourself can be hard, but selling yourself can be a nightmare without the right support system in place. Whether you need just another eye on a resume to make sure it aligns with a desired role you are applying for, starting a scholarship application from scratch, or need someone to hype you up, you may have found a company that individually caters to your needs.

Ideation Session

You are in the middle of running an errand and you think to yourself, there has to be a better way of doing things. Then the idea hits you. You brush it off because of its simplicity or your limited understanding of the market. Over time, the idea presents itself again and again and now, you are starting to believe that there may be something there, but you are not sure how to proceed next. That is where we come in.


Market Research

Opportunity Sizing

Technical Feasibility

Competitive Gap Analyses

Alex has over two years of experience turning ideas and concepts to tangible products. With a deep understanding of discovering need states, Alex has led the concept generation and product development of several projects within the consumer product goods and restaurant equipment space. He has led cross-functional teams that drove customer discovery, strategized through the use of patent applications, and defined product requirements to justify the fabrication of new-to-world innovations.   

We offer an affordable and effective approach to making sure you have everything you need to run with the next big idea. With an ideation framework that has a proven track record, all that is needed is a firm belief in your idea. We know how precious your idea is to you. To start off on the right foot, we put in place a confidentiality agreement that protects your future intellectual property from us and eliminates our ability to share anything outside of the relationship that we foster. 


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